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About Us

Audrey Beaugh

Founder, Owner and Lead Instructor

Audrey is a certified early childhood special education teacher with 10 years of classroom teaching experience. In her free time Audrey can be found outside with her two children, husband and dog, enjoying the many wonderful paths and parks in Indiana. 


Silly Hearts Yoga for Kids was founded in 2015 by Audrey Beaugh as a way to combine two of her passions- working with children and yoga! Audrey is an early childhood special educator and has been practicing yoga for over 20 years.  Many years ago Audrey began using yoga in her kindergarten classroom as a way to help children focus, calm their bodies, and incorporate movement into everyday routine.  The breathing techniques and yoga movements were a natural fit for young children so Audrey looked into taking her knowledge and practice deeper.  In 2007 Audrey traveled to Santa Monica, CA to receive her yoga for kids teacher training with Mini Yogis.  After that, Audrey’s use of yoga in her classroom increased and she discovered the many ways that yoga can enhance academic curriculum while teaching social emotional skills and concepts.   

In Audrey’s classes, children learn to take their bodies from calm to energized and back again.  Children use animal movements and noises to move and have fun. Music, books and games are incorporated to engage children and help them connect with yoga across all areas of their development.  For older children more advanced concepts are introduced, along with more complicated yoga poses.  Classes are designed and adapted for the specific group of children and are modified as needed to fit the mood and energy level of children on any given day.  Audrey strives to make each class unique, engaging and fun!

In addition to being a certified kids yoga instructor, Audrey also completed her 200-hr Yoga Teacher Training with the Yoga and Ayurveda Center in July, 2020 along with a certification in Yin Yoga. She then completed her 300-hr Yoga Teacher Training in January 2021. 

Mitzi Johnson


Mitzi Johnson has a passion for teaching! She is an elementary school teacher with an interest in Social-Emotional Learning. Mitzi completed her 15 hour kids yoga certification with Silly Hearts Yoga for Kids in 2021 and is thrilled to have an opportunity to share yoga with more children throughout the greater Indy area.


Itty Bitty Yogi


Charlie is now 10 years old and has been a practicing yogi for 8 years! He loves all things that move fast, hockey, football, reading and going upside down!

Shaya Bates


Shaya was part of the very first Silly Hearts Yoga for Kids teacher training and is so thrilled to be sharing yoga with children.  Shaya is the owner of Link to Learn Behavior Therapy and uses her specialized BCBA skills to share yoga with everyone.

Amy Barnes
Instructor & admin assistant

Amy BarnesI has worked with young children for 25 years in Montessori and in Early Childhood Education She has a passion for teaching children. Amy completed the Silly Hearts Yoga for Kids certification course in 2022 and is excited to share yoga with preschoolers and after school programs.


Itty Bitty Yogi


Delilah is 5 years old and she is already showing her flexibility! She loves music, her big brother, drawing and tree pose!

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