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for teachers and parents

Are you a teacher or administrator looking to incorporate more yoga and mindfulness into your school?
Are you a parent wanting to increase your child's ability to regulate emotions and connect their body and mind?

Then Silly Hearts Yoga for Kids can help! We offer workshops on a variety of topics and can design a training to fit your needs!

Contact Audrey for more information and to schedule your workshop today!


Available to schedule:

Story Yoga:
bringing books and yoga together
Books and yoga...what could be better? Books and yoga...together!
Join Audrey Beaugh, owner of Silly Hearts Yoga for Kids, as she shares tips and strategies for using books to engage your child in yoga at home or in school.  Bring one of your child's or students' favorite picture books or use one of Audrey's to build a yoga lesson to use at home or school.  Audrey will also teach some breathing techniques that can be used with your child or students to increase the calm and decrease the chaos. 
*Wear comfortable clothing as you will get to practice some yoga, too!
IMG_5843 2.jpg
Children Meditating
Yoga and Mindfulness:
Tools for the Body and Mind


 A training designed for educators, parents, medical professionals, therapists and anyone else who works with children, specifically those with learning disabilities. Yoga and mindfulness can be helpful tools helping all children to improve focus, attention and confidence.  In this workshop you will leave with a toolbox full of strategies and activities to help engage every child. 

*Wear comfortable clothing as you will get to practice some yoga, too!

Trauma-Sensitive Yoga
for Kids and Teens
In this 2-hour workshop, participants will learn: 
*what is trauma
*how does trauma affect development
*what does trauma look like in kids and teens
*why and how yoga and mindfulness can support the healing process
*how to set up a trauma-sensitive environment
*benefits of teaching with a trauma-sensitive approach
This workshop is appropriate for school staff, yoga teachers, counselors and parents. 
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