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How do you know if a kids yoga instructor is "good"?

Updated: Jun 11, 2023

There are a lot of people out in the world offering yoga to kids (which is a really good thing) but not all are qualified to teach to children. So, what makes a kids instructor different from other trained yoga teachers and how can you find one that is the right fit for your child?

You may be familiar with the 200-hr and 300-hr yoga teacher training programs that are available in many locations to train individuals to become certified yoga instructors. In order to teach yoga to adults, these trainings are typically required and can take a lot of time and investment.

For kids yoga teachers, it looks a bit different.

There are no requirements in terms of training or certification.

Many individuals who have completed a 200-hr or 300-hr training begin teaching kids after their training is complete. Many of these programs have a component focused on teaching kids and for some, that may be enough to provide them with a foundation to begin yoga instruction for children.

Some individuals complete a kids yoga teacher training course. These can range from 12 hours in length all the way to 95 hours. These trainings are led by a certified kids yoga instructor with experience and expertise in the field. These trainings, while shorter in length when compared to the adult courses, are jam packed full of skills, strategies, and techniques targeting children specifically.

And then there are some who combine the two and dive into the full training and add on a kids course as well.

I would suggest there is no wrong way to go about achieving a kids yoga certification (whether it's done as a stand alone or along with a 200+hr training) but I would recommend that when looking for a kids yoga instructor that you do ask about specific yoga for kids training.

As you probably know, kids yoga looks a LOT different than an adult class.

There are a LOT of classroom management skills that are needed with children that (usually) are not required when teaching adults. There are more games, props, and noise in a kids yoga class as well and the instructor must be prepared for any and all possibilities.

An untrained kids yoga instructor may be unable to plan for and adapt to needs of individual students in a way that makes the class enjoyable, accessible and successful for all involved.

So, when you're out there looking for a kids yoga class- ask the question: have you received training? And if you're looking to teach yoga to kids, consider finding a certification program that works for you!

What do you think? What experiences have you had with kids yoga instructors?

If you or someone you know is looking for a kids yoga training, check out Silly Hearts Yoga for Kids 18 hour teacher training. We offer in-person trainings 2-3 times each year and information is available here,

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